IAC provides services that strengthen services, organisations and leaders. See what opportunities are currently available. IAC endeavors to offer all IAC members training at a rate that is 80% subsidized. Visit our Membership Page to learn more.

Currently IAC delivers training that falls within 3 focus areas:

  • Nonprofit organizational and leadership development: Training targeted at developing programmes, services and leaders of nonprofits
  • Human Services practitioner development: training targeted at the development of direct service providers engaging with clients in human and helping services.
  • Systems change capacity building: training targeted at strengthening the ability of social sector professionals to understand and implement systems change, including knowledge of advocacy and collaboration best practice.

The goal is to provide a diverse spectrum of strengthening opportunities as captured in the following distinct types of training:

  • Conferences: a one or two day event to bring together social sector professionals with common interests and discuss issues and ideas relating to a specific topic. These would often include a combination of local and international experts and speakers.
  • Certificates: partnership programmes with accredited institutions to offer formal certifications with additional add-on supports delivered by IAC internally.
  • Workshops and Workshop Series: 2-3 hour training events, or series of events, using local trainers where possible and complemented by international expertise where needed
  • Webinars: Up to 90-minute sessions that bring together local practitioners to discuss relevant topics, often leveraging peer learning and using a guest speaker panel model


For our current list of scheduled professional development opportunities, visit our Upcoming Training and Events page.