Our Focus

Bermuda’s social sector comforts, supports and uplifts our community. It includes the nonprofits and social programmes that ensure equitable opportunity, lifelong success, and quality of life for all Bermuda residents. These organisations have to continually adapt, innovate and evolve to meet rapidly changing social needs.

IAC is Bermuda’s only nonprofit focused specifically on social sector capacity building to support our nonprofits and social programmes. IAC strengthens organisations by providing technical training and leadership development, organisational assessments and coaching and coordination. IAC unifies the sector by facilitating collaboration, network building and sector-wide communication.

Our Mission

To unify and strengthen the capacity of agencies to respond to the changing needs of children, families and the community.

Our Vision

A just and equitable society where children, families and the community thrive.

Our Services

  1. Providing technical training and leadership development to improve services and develop leaders. 
  2. Delivering consultative support through organsiational assessment and coaching to build organisations
  3. Coordinating access to research, data, and resources to improve sector-wide awareness and efficiency
  4. Facilitating collaboration that aligns organisations and drives collective advocacy.
  5. Building a supportive network of members that builds and broadens relationships
  6. Communicating with sector stakeholders to advocate for change and raise awareness.

Key Documents