Nonprofit Alliance Awareness Campaign is a collective effort by the Nonprofit Alliance members to own the narrative of nonprofits and substantially advance the understanding of the community about the value and impact of non-profits as a sector. A subgroup of the Nonprofit Alliance has been working together since 2020 to design a campaign that will build awareness and encourage nonprofit engagement and support. In 2021 nonprofits were asked to complete a survey to gather data on common outputs and outcomes. 52 nonprofits responded. This data formed the basis of the campaign.

Campaign Animations

Introducing Damien

Introducing Naomi

Introducing Jonah

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Introducing Craig

Introducing Alyssa

Engage with and Support Bermuda’s Nonprofits: Service Listings

There are a range of resources that you can visit to learn more about the services provided by Nonprofits in Bermuda.

Give Bermuda

GiveBermuda, a free, online, searchable database of in-depth information about Bermuda’s nonprofits. Each participating nonprofit has its own profile, with details about programs, finances, governance, operations, and management. Nonprofits are searchable by name and by category of service. Visit to learn more about Bermuda’s nonprofits and how to contact or support them.

Are you a nonprofit that isn’t listed? Visit GiveBermuda to set up your profile today.

The Directory of Helping Services

The Health Promotion Office of the Department of Health also maintains an online Directory of Helping Services. The aim of the Directory is to enable individuals, families and health professionals to identify necessary services to enhance health and well-being. The Directory consists of non-profit, registered charities and Government agencies in Bermuda that offer services to children, seniors and persons with disabilities. The Directory can assist children, seniors, persons with disabilities, their families and caregivers, as well as the professionals working with them in identifying appropriate services and support programmes.

Are you a helping service or nonprofit that isn’t listed? Please contact the Health Promotion Office of the Department of Health: PHONE: 278-6504  E-MAIL:

The List of Hardship and Social Support Services

IAC also maintains an IAC List of Hardship and Social Support Services Oct 2021 v2  to assist agencies with referrals for clients facing hardship and needing immediate support.

Nonprofit Collaborative Working Groups  

Early Childhood Collaborative: A group of early childhood education agencies and services who collaborate in order to align programmes and services. Contact for more information

Nonprofit Alliance of Bermuda’s Nonprofit Awareness Campaign: A subgroup of the Nonprofit Alliance that is working collectively to raise the awareness of the value and impact of nonprofits as a sector. The group collaborates in order to dispel misinformation and build awareness and to encourage nonprofit engagement and support. Contact for more information

Nonprofit Alliance of Bermuda’s Food Insecurity Working Group: A subgroup of the Nonprofit Alliance that consists of agencies who address food insecurity. This groups collaborates in order to establish a food security continuum that is better aligned, and which minimizes the extent of, and meet the needs of, those living with food insecurity. Contact for more information

Youth Development Learning Community: A collection of youth-serving organisations invested in inspiring and cultivating youth and young adults to reach their full potential. The group collaborates in order to provide peer to peer learning and capacity building, and to raise the youth development standards in Bermuda by improving access to and standards of youth services. Contact for more information

Youth Development Zone Community Connectors: YDZCC is a collaborative that is using a collective impact approach to enhance the lives and improve the life outcomes of young, Black boys and men. The group is working to address the large number of young  black men between the ages of 16-34 who are getting left behind due to the fact that current systems and services are not design or equipped to meet their complex needs. Contact Leila Wadson at

Nonprofit Support Entities

Association of Fundraising Professionals -Bermuda Chapter: A local chapter of AFP International, an international ethical resource for the development and implementation of fundraising skills and knowledge. For 50 years, AFP has been the standard-bearer for professionalism in fundraising. AFP has a $200 annual membership fee that includes a chapter fee that provides access to current trends and practices through articles, online conferences and training while serving as a support network for those working in the nonprofit sector who are involved in raising funds. Email: or  Bermuda Chapter Chair:

Nonprofit Division of the Chamber of Commerce: The Bermuda Chamber of Commerce Nonprofit Division  provides a platform for member nonprofit organisations to network, engage Government and develop a unified strategy to improve the nonprofit sector.  Its goal is to improve the sector through government relations, collaboration and advocacy. There is a $100 annual membership fee. For membership information Email:  For information about the Division Email: or

Third Sector United Benefits Programme: A group that administers the Third Sector Group Health Insurance Scheme offered by CG Coralisle Medical Insurance Company under the Non Profit Benefits Alliance. Email Theresa Hall:

Nonprofit Professional Development Opportunities

Introduction to Nonprofit Management Certificate: this is an annual programme that introduces learners to key current nonprofit management issues, trends and leadership skills. The programme includes a range of components intended to cultivate the knowledge and capabilities needed to develop as a nonprofit professional and leader. Contact to learn more or register interest.

Wavecrest Webinars:  Nonprofit and philanthropy consultant Jennifer Burland Adams provides webinars on a range of topics relevant for nonprofit professionals. Visit for upcoming webinars and recordings of past webinars.

IAC Training and Webinars: IAC regularly provides webinars and workshops that are of relevance to nonprofit professionals. Visit www.iacbermuda/org/events/ for a listing of scheduled training or email to learn more