IAC List of COVID 19 Resources

IAC List of Resources During the COVID 19 Pandemic IAC will provide its members and key stakeholders with a curated list of relevant resources to assist in adapting and coping through these difficult times. We aim to circulate these resources weekly, however if needed, we will circulate updates more regularly to ensure the timeliness of the information. We hope you find these resources helpful.... Read more

IAC Supports the Third Sector Coordinated Crisis Response Effort

Good Afternoon IAC Members, As you may expect or be experiencing yourself, we are seeing an increase in the demand for services in the third sector. To that end, IAC is assisting in a coordinated third sector response to COVID 19. We were approached by the Bank of Bermuda Foundation to assist with the coordination required to identify immediate essential needs for vulnerable persons and match t... Read more

A Message from IAC

Dear IAC Members and Non-Profit Partners, As service providers already working to meet the needs of the community, COVID 19 will undoubtably increase the demands on us. We encourage all of Bermuda’s dedicated caring professionals to be sure to take steps to also care for themselves. Self-Compassion and Self-Care are important for all of us. Below is some helpful information from the CDC, with... Read more

IAC Releases 2019 Annual Report

At its recent Annual General Meeting, IAC released its 2019 Annual Report. Click here to download a copy. http://www.iacbermuda.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/IAC-Annual-Report-2019-3.pdf ... Read more

An Ambition of Compassionate Care

The following represents the key points as delivered by the author at the annual meeting of the Inter-Agency Committee for Children and Families The training committee of the IAC has brought forward a theme for the year that is near and dear to all of us — the thought of “Compassionate Care” in the way in which we deliver services to vulnerable populations, and how we interact with each o... Read more

A Childhood on Fire – breaking the cycle of childhood trauma

Watch this short documentary featured by the Guardian: When Nick Hurndon was six years old he and his two older brothers were set on fire by their stepfather in their San Francisco home. Now in his early forties, Nick is a retired Marine and is raising two sons that are about the same age he was when he was set ablaze. This is a film about childhood trauma and the effects that abuse had on his sen... Read more