The Advocacy Subcommittee assists IAC in raising the profile of the Children’s Agenda of Priorities, drive the process to identify and address critical needs, and advocate for prioritized policy and legislative changes.

Subcommittee Chair
Elisabeth Kast


The Training Subcommittee aids the planning of cutting edge and innovative training using local and international expertise that builds the capacity of Bermuda’s social and human services to implement best practices.

Subcommittee Chair
Nicola Paugh, Acting


The Membership Subcommittee supports the development of a representative membership of individuals and organizations working with children and families who collaborate on the changes needed to improve the lives of children.

Subcommittee Chair
Samantha Nearon

Marketing and PR

The Marketing and PR Subcommittee guides IAC’s communication and marketing decisions to boost IAC’s brand and ensure the effectiveness of its public image and messaging.

Subcommittee Chair


The Finance Subcommittee supports the Board’s oversight responsibilities relating to financial matters of the IAC including management, policies, strategies and activities as per the Constitution.

Subcommittee Chair
Margaret Oliana

Fund Development

The Fund Development Subcommittee ensures the implementation of a comprehensive fund development plan and development of positive donor relationships that meet the business requirements of the IAC.

Subcommittee Chair
Pimpernel Preston


The Governance Subcommittee drives the creation of a sustainable infrastructure to support IAC’s mission, governance, management, and funding including the development of the policies required to be a fully certified organization.

Subcommittee Chair 
Tiffanne Thomas