IAC now offers organisational assessment and coaching services, either through its formal cohort programme or as an independent service.

Capacity Building Cohort Programme

IAC’s Capacity Building Cohort (CBC) programme is a 10-month programme designed to build organisational capacity assessment, coaching, peer learning and technical workshops. The programme delivery model is equally about individual organisational development as it is about building community between cohort members. At its core, the programme is about building relationships and growing organizations. It is collaborative, intensive, and builds on community experience.


Capacity Building Cohorts programme will work with 5-8 grassroots community organizations and nonprofits per year. Up to 2 staff per organisation will be invited to participate in four programme components:

  • Completion of CCAT organisational assessment and development of an implementation plan
  • Engagement in monthly one-to-one capacity coaching over 10-month period
  • Collaboration in a monthly peer learning community with cohort members


There are three expected outcomes of the Capacity Building Cohort Programme

  1. Build organisational capacity in focus areas
  2. Foster peer learning 
  3. Strengthen relationships between leaders and organisations

The programme will launch in Fall 2022. Email programmes@iac.bm for more information    


CCAT Organisational Assessment

IAC staff are certified CCAT facilitators. CCAT, the Core Capacity Assessment Tool (CCAT), is a statistically validated organisational assessment tool to assess an organization’s strengths, challenges, and opportunities and is drawn from an evidence-based understanding of how nonprofits most effectively deliver on their missions. It is built specifically for nonprofits and includes a custom results report to help nonprofits understand and contextualize the data, identify priorities, and turn assessment results into an action plan to increase organisational effectiveness. The CCAT was developed and is owned by TCC Group, a US-based international social impact consulting group.

The 40 minute survey collects real, unbiased input from staff and board leaders to assess an organization across 36 key measures of four core capacities: leadership, adaptability, management, and technical capacity—as well as organizational culture. It also assesses an organization’s lifecycle stage, a development indicator to identify and prioritize the most important areas for organizational growth.

Email programmes@iac.bm for more information