IAC currently facilitates social sector collaboration by providing 3 distinct levels of support to collective efforts

Level 1: Large Collective Impact Collaboratives

IAC provides backbone support for independent collaboratives. At this level of support, IAC prepares and facilitates meetings, drives follow-through actions and prepares grant applications for specific projects. Current collaboratives include:

Nonprofit Alliance of Bermuda

Level 2: Medium Sized Learning Communities

IAC provides programme delivery for committees or communities whose purpose is to improve communication, understanding, standards and learning. IAC prepares and facilitates meetings to improve communication, provide collective brainstorming and problem solving, and peer-to-peer learning. Current communities include:
• Youth Development Learning Community

Level 3: IAC Start Up Support to Collective Efforts

IAC provides start up support for collective efforts and will support a group’s first three to four meetings to help them create a clear strategy (ie. Common Agenda or Theory of Change) and Implementation Plan as well as provide ad-hoc advice if needed thereafter. IAC can support up to 1 start up collective at any given time

If you are interested in starting or joining a current collaborative, please contact admin@iac.bm