IAC facilitates collaboration that assists agencies in discussing, understanding and aligning actions on social issues. As needs in the community arise, IAC convenes stakeholders and facilitates their ability to effectively and successfully collaborate. IAC drives effective collaboration by researching and providing evidenced-based, best practice techniques for structuring collective work.

IAC currently facilitates a number of collaborative initiatives:

Virtual Convening of Human Service Providers

An opportunity for IAC members and stakeholders to come together to discuss services being provided as well as emerging community issues and trends. The objective is to increase our members’ collective understanding of who does what across the social sector landscape, and build a more holistic understanding across the sector of the priority needs and issues members are seeing. IAC designs and facilitates these sessions.

Nonprofit Alliance of Bermuda

A group of nonprofit leaders committed to working collectively to improve the impact of nonprofits and champion their value in the community. The goal of the Alliance is to foster nonprofit leader collaboration by building and strengthening nonprofit partnerships and increasing nonprofit sector and system awareness. The Alliance has sub-working groups focused on priority areas for collective nonprofit action.

Youth Development Learning Community 

A collection of youth-serving organisations invested in inspiring and cultivating youth and young adults to reach their full potential. The goal of the Youth Development Learning Community is to collaborate in order to 1) provide peer to peer learning and capacity building, and 2) to raise the youth development standards in Bermuda by improving access to and quality of youth services.

If you are interested in learning more about any of our collaborative initiatives, please contact Nicola@iac.bm