A Message from IAC

Dear IAC Members and Non-Profit Partners, As service providers already working to meet the needs of the community, COVID 19 will undoubtably increase the demands on us. We encourage all of Bermuda’s dedicated caring professionals to be sure to take steps to also care for themselves. Self-Compassion and Self-Care are important for all of us. Below is some helpful information from the CDC, with... Read more

IAC Releases 2019 Annual Report

At its recent Annual General Meeting, IAC released its 2019 Annual Report. Click here to download a copy. https://www.iacbermuda.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/IAC-Annual-Report-2019-3.pdf ... Read more

CDC: Childhood Trauma Tied to Poor Health

PEOPLE WHO EXPERIENCED trauma as children are more likely to suffer severe health consequences later in life, a new federal analysis shows. Adverse childhood experiences, or ACEs, refer to potentially traumatic events experienced or witnessed during childhood, like violence, substance misuse and mental health problems in the home. Though public health experts say these events are an ... Read more

Committee backs call for law to protect teens

A call to change the law to protect 16 and 17-year-olds from predators has won backing from a group advocating on behalf of children. The Inter-Agency Committee for Children and Families said Bermuda’s law on sexual exploitation should apply to anyone up to the age of 18 “to better protect all youth” from grooming. It supports the call made last week by Christine DaCosta, 38, who was ... Read more

More protections sought for at-risk children

Better communication among government departments, police and other agencies could help to prevent vulnerable children from “falling through the cracks”, a child protection group said yesterday. The Coalition for the Protection of Children added that improved co-ordination would help to form the basis of a national action plan to safeguard minors. Kelly Hunt, the organisation’s execut... Read more

Charities welcome litigation guardians victory

Three “brave abused” children and a handful of charities successfully fought for a legal change that will protect youngsters by ensuring they have independent representation in court, the groups involved in a Court of Appeal case said yesterday. A joint statement by the five charities that backed the children said: “We encourage the Government to follow through with its repeate... Read more