Archived Trainings

– Unraveling the Mystery of PQI by Keeping it Simple
– Stress and Secondary Trauma in the Work Place: What Supervisors Can Do in Response
– Increasing Employee Engagement
– Making Children a National Priority
– Understanding and Resolving Multi-Generational Trauma

– Understanding Risk Management for the Non-Profit
– Supervision for Success
– Supervision and Empowerment for Success

– Inoculating Clients from Harm: Trauma, Empowerment and Achieving Results

– Leading Your Organization to Success
– Family Centered Practice
– Hiring Right
– Proving Our Worth in Tough Economic Times

– Supervision for Success
– Outcomes, Proving Our Programmes Work
– Implementing Evidence Based Practice
– Should We Be Managers or Leaders

– Supervision for Success
– Hiring Right
– Effective Training and Risk Management
– Being an Effective Executive Director

– Hiring Right and Maintaining Staff Productivity
– Improving Programmes through Continuous Quality Improvement
– Working Towards Organizational Best Practices
– Writing & Reporting on Measurable Programme Outcomes
– Developing Policies and Procedures to Support Best Practices

– Really Writing Programme Outcomes
– Becoming a 21st. Century Board ( For Executive Directors)
– Becoming a 21st. Century Board ( For Officers & Directors)
– Who’s Job is it? (For Board Directors & Managers)
– Marketing Your Agency for Community Dollars
– Supervision for Success
– Supervisors Supervision for Success
– Who’s Job is it? Understanding the Roles & Responsibilities of Boards
– Leadership Succession Planning ( For Officers & Directors)
– Your Executive Team, Managers or Leaders? (For Officers & Directors)

– Overview of Organizational Best Practice
– Issues and Best Practices for Children & Family Clinical/Therapeutic Providers
– Issues and Best Practices for Children & Family Preventative and Support Services Providers
– Issues and Best Practices for Providers
– Supervision for Success
– Managing Supervision for Success
– Getting to Best Outcomes

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