Welcome to the IAC


Hello everyone! Welcome to the IAC. The Inter-Agency Committee for Children and Families was founded in 1996 when Martha Dismont of The Family Centre invited both public and private organizations, providing helping services to children and families, to meet for the purpose of buidling collaboration and shared standards.

The IAC has evolved into a vibrant network for agencies seeking to enrich services and respond to the changing needs of children and families.  Through strategic planning and review, the IAC Executive decided to sharpen its focus to promote increased membership, a broader set of training and consulatation offerings, a focus on partnerships, and a proactive advocacy platform of objectives that unite and engage members.

The Core Values of the IAC are: Collaboration, Education, Networking, Inclusion, Best Practices, and Impartiality.  The journey continues to evolve for the IAC as the current volunteer Executive Committee dedicate themselves to achieving the mission and carrying out the goals of the organization with the membership.

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